The Perks of Co-Working

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Co-working is still a rather new trend. But it’s gaining a lot of steam. A business model that used to be solely found in places like NYC and LA, can now be easily found in most major cities. Jacksonville itself had no co-working options 10 years ago. Today, there are co-working spots Downtown, Southside, The Beaches, and even Orange Park. Here’s some reasons why people are flocking to this exciting new way of working:

  1. Minimal Overhead: More and more people are becoming self-employed. And when you’re just getting started, you got to keep it lean. Most co-working facilities offer packages that can fit any budget.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Part of growing a business is getting the word out. Entrepreneurs who are already dedicating a good deal of time to networking get a hug benefit from being part of a networking place. You never have to stop making those connections that make your business thrive.
  3. The Perks: My Executive Center offers free secure WiFi, free Starbucks coffee, access to executive meeting spaces, and a business address at one of the best locations in town to all of our premium coworkers. That beats the home office any day.
  4. Flexibility: Co-working provides fluidity in an uncertain world. Month-to-month is a mandatory term for start-ups dipping their toes into the water.

Co-working isn’t going away any time soon. Are you ready to see what it’s all about? Contact us for a free day of co-working on the house!