Creativity Still Matters

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Running a business is hard enough without worrying about little things hindering your success. Sometimes the little things that effect your business the most is your customer’s perception. In this brave new world of instant gratification and swiping right, you need a strategy that captures your customer’s attention and trust.

Getting a virtual office for your business is a great start for anyone trying to make a good first impression. But it’s not enough. Too many people think they can treat their business like a “plug and play” device. Your effort and creativity are still needed to make the virtual office a hit. Here’s some things you can do to really stand out.

Have a website

I’ve seen so many people that sign up for a prestigious business address and do not utilize it to its full potential. Yes, a virtual office is a superior option to housing your business at the post office or a UPS store. But don’t forget it’s also in a fantastic Class-A building.

Put that address on your social media accounts, search engines, and anything else on the internet so customers can find you. It all has to lead somewhere and that somewhere should be a well maintained web site. Real businesses have real websites. If yours doesn’t make muster, your nice address probably won’t be enough to bring in that lead.

Answer the phone

A live receptionist is another thing consumers come to expect when calling any respectable establishment. Yet, the help can only do so much. They can answer your business calls with a smile and cheery attitude all day long but if you’re never around when the call is transferred then its bye-bye customer.

Bring “the box”

“The box” is an extremely underutilized strategy. Most people have never heard of “the box” and that’s a good thing. In fact, the average consumer doesn’t know a whole lot about shared office space in general. But when they come to your office and your desk is completely empty aside from the phone and desk lamp, they’re going to know something is fishy. That’s where the box comes in.

The box can actually be anything from a large purse to a suitcase. It holds a few essential items that make your meeting in the day office more believable. Those items are a framed picture of your family, business card holder, and a cheesy mug that says “#1 Dad”. These items are guaranteed to elevate the value you receive from your hourly meeting space.

Too often I see companies paying for services and not going all the way to get the maximum benefit. Don’t be that guy!